Quoi faire avec les Toys’r’us, Sears ou Zellers fermés?

Aux États-Unis, ils comptent pour 10 milliards de pieds carrés et ils sont en train de mourir à cause des nouveaux modèles économiques.

Still, adaptive reuse is gaining ground. In recent years, experts have learned the true size of construction’s carbon footprint and worked to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible. “The greenest thing you can do is reuse an existing building, because the carbon is already embodied in the building,” Leddy says. As a result, he tells his students to see the future of architecture with the keen-eyed gaze of a scavenger, trained to find what’s good about what’s already been built. “The idea of getting an empty piece of land and building from scratch—that opportunity is diminishing,” he says.
— À lire sur www.popsci.com/repurposing-big-box-stores

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