Majorettes et Handmaid’s tale

Les cheerleaders sont soumises à toutes sortes de règles rétrogrades:

It starts with a woman called Bailey Davis. In January, Davis was fired from the Saintsations, the all-female cheerleader squad for the New Orleans Saints, for failing to comply with NFL rules and regulations. She was accused of doing two absolutely dreadful things. Her first crime was posting a photo of herself wearing a lacy one-piece bodysuit on her private Instagram account. This violated the NFL’s rules about lingerie photography, which is strictly forbidden. Oh, unless you’re a male player, of course, in which case you can post as many photos of yourself in your underpants as you want.

Davis’s second crime was that she was believed to have been hanging around with a member of the football team. This is strictly prohibited by the team’s anti-fraternization rules. Saintsations must ensure they keep contact with the football players to a minimum. They must block them on social media, for example, and avoid them in real life. If a cheerleader is at a bar or restaurant and a football player walks in then the woman has to leave immediately, or risk lose her job. Men, meanwhile, are subject to no such rules.

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