Louis 19 2018

Des gens filment leur vie au quotidien et le public les harcèlent. Ç’a l’air le fun.

“If your job is to constantly share your life, your life becomes a product that you are selling, and every moment, even the worst one, can be a lucrative opportunity to please your audience. Denino often lands at the top of a message board called LivestreamFails, which functions as a micro-TMZ for the personal lives of live-streaming celebrities. Last year, the biggest story on LivestreamFails was the revelation by a popular video-game streamer called Dr. DisRespect that he was cheating on his wife. Dr. DisRespect posted a tearful apology and disappeared for months. Streamers claim to hate drama, but they also understand that a popular post on LivestreamFails can be great for their numbers. “Drama equals views equals money,” Denino told me. In February, when Dr. DisRespect made a triumphant return, it was one of the most watched live streams in history, with about three hundred and eighty thousand viewers.”

À lire sur www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/07/09/ice-poseidons-lucrative-stressful-life-as-a-live-streamer

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