Sérieux, Elon Musk?

Un show de boucane?

But this point about building viral buzz around his ideas is a salient one. Musk is a new kind of showman, someone who commits himself to absurd but headline-grabbing goals on a regular basis. A couple years ago, the guy told a room full of experts that SpaceX would build a “self-sustaining city” on Mars in the 2020s. He even made a promo video for the “interplanetary transit system” that would send entire populations of people to the Red Planet in our lifetimes. Then you add other pie-in-the-sky projects like the Hyperloop connecting major American cities and the Boring Company putting highways underneath Los Angeles.


The weird difference between some of Musk’s famous vaporiffic moonshots and the kid-sized submarine is that Musk actually built the sub. But it’s nothing more than a useless stunt. Not only did Musk show up too late to help, he showed up with a tool that wasn’t even helpful. As it seemed increasingly obvious that the sub wouldn’t actually rescue any boys from the cave, Musk later tweeted that it “could also be used as an escape pod in space.” So at least there’s that non-existent contingency.

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