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La nourriture transformée profite de la pandémie pour s’imposer dans les pays pauvres

Les compagnies qui produisent des aliments transformés ont profité de la COVID pour faire changer la réglementation et se faire passer pour des produits essentiels.

A recent report by the organisation Global Health Advocacy Incubator highlights how food and beverage corporations used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to promote their ultra-processed foods to vulnerable populations around the world.  The report includes over 280 examples from 18 countries of the food industry undermining healthy food policy efforts. This was done through lobbying to classify (unhealthy) ultra-processed foodstuffs as “essential products” during the pandemic. They also improved their brand image through providing financial and other support to needy communities, frontline workers, food banks, and small businesses while still marketing unhealthy products and pushing against healthy food policies.

L’article propose quelques solutions pour l’imposition d’un système qui favorise de meilleures habitudes alimentaires pour les pays qui ont peu de moyen.

En attendant, paraît que le futur de la chaîne d’approvisionnement en aliment se trouve à Montréal.

13% des études sur la nutrition sont financées par l’industrie de l’alimentation

C’est pourquoi je ne me fie qu’aux études qui font mon affaire. #vinrouge #chocolatnoir

“This study found that the food industry is commonly involved in published research from leading nutrition journals,” researchers write. “Where the food industry is involved, research findings are nearly six times more likely to be favourable to their interests than when there is no food industry involvement.”

Source: A Scary Amount of Nutrition Science Has Deep Ties to The Food Industry, Study Reveals