Étiquette : désinformation

Les arguments fallacieux de la droite pour minimiser les dangers de la pandémie

Une étude américaine en a fait le recensement:

She tracked remarks supporting the sacrifice of those who were more likely to die of COVID-19 because they were presumed to be elderly or suffer ‘underlying health conditions’. That phrase was wielded to suggest that such people mattered less, because they did something wrong or were sick, Lincoln said. Another catchy but misleading argument was that only one in 100 people who caught the virus would die. By spotlighting the life chances of a hypothetical individual, the statistic offered false reassurance about the broader social and collective costs of unchecked disease transmission. It also ignored other effects, such as people becoming severely ill or suffering long-lasting symptoms. Right-wing commentators falsely compared COVID-19 deaths with non-infectious diseases, such as traffic fatalities, to push for normal social and economic activity. This ignored the reality that coronavirus cases can multiply and spread.

Les mêmes arguments qu’on a pu entendre chez les Éric Duhaime de notre monde. L’étude est ici: Necrosecurity, Immunosupremacy, and Survivorship in the Political Imagination of COVID-19.

L’intelligence artificielle pour combattre la désinformation

Un projet du MIT. Évidemment, on n’a pas envie que des robots prennent des décisions à ce sujet, mais si ça peut aider à identifier certains agents de désinformation qui ne sont pas visibles à l’oeil nu…

What makes the RIO system unique is that it combines multiple analytics techniques in order to create a comprehensive view of where and how the disinformation narratives are spreading.

Artificial intelligence system could help counter the spread of disinformation